Kratom SmokeShop is committed to bringing you only the best Delta 8 live resin products possible which is why we carry Mellow Fellow. Ensuring you that each puff is a step towards a more enjoyable, fulfilling vape experience.

Mellow Fellow Disposable Vapes are perfect for on-the-go and contain precisely made combinations of Delta 8, Delta 10, hemp-derived oil blends. Each device is made in the USA with organically grown hemp and features a 0.5 ohm Subohm Ceramic Coil for great flavor, adjustable airflow, and 25 watts auto-draw or 35 with the button depressed (Pre-Heat Function). Enjoy maximum quality, convenience, and satisfaction with Mellow Fellow. 

Kratom SmokeShop carries Mellow Fellow because we love their products and we know you will as well.  We want to make sure everyone who wants to can experience safe and valuable cannabinoid experiences, and we trust Mellow Fellow to provide them for you