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Disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older to purchase. We do not ship to the following states: Louisiana

These days, everything comes in a gummy. Vitamins. THC. Supplements. THC. Sugary snacks. More THC—all in chewy, tasty gummies. Sure, gummies are great! Their mouthwatering flavors are downright delicious, and their effects are out of this world, but where’s the nuance? Where’s the magic?… We’re really glad you asked. 

We’re changing the gummy game with our Blue Raspberry Mushroom Gummies, throwing in a little different kind of fun, adding a little sprinkle of magical nuance. Take one Blue Raspberry Mushroom Gummy for a good night, another for a night out, and a few more to see your house from the moon.

Benefits of Shrooms Gummies

Body Buzz



Cerebral Effects

Mind-Melting Fun

Directions for Best Results:

Ever taken an infused edible before? Of course you have, you dangerous devil. These potent pretties are fairly similar. Like infused edibles, these chews metabolize in your digestive system before absorbing into your bloodstream, by way of your liver, where they go on to incite euphoric effects (that’s all the shroom science for today’s class, we promise.) This process takes some time, maybe around an hour or two. So, whatever you do, avoid the urge to take more until you’ve fully felt your first serving. 

If you’re new to these gummies, stick with one tasty chew you’re first time around. Maybe take four if you have a higher tolerance for psychoactive effects. Now, if you prefer spending your trip on the other side of the Kuiper Belt, seven or more is the way to go. 

Perfect for You If:

These vegan mushroom gummies are perfect if you’d like a little respite from your everyday stash. Sure, infused edibles hold a special place in our hearts. But mushroom gummies? These puppies boast a different type of psychoactive ingredient altogether—one that melts your mind while hugging your body in a coat of warm TV static. 

Gummies are not for sale in the following states:​ Louisiana.

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